SAT Prep Course on Saturday’s at 3:00 p.m.

$259.00 / month

Start anytime!! Perfect for students taking the May SAT! Our course has been specifically designed to give our members all of the skills and strategies that he or she will need on test day.  In order to provide a personalized experience, class size is limited to 8 students. Each month the courses rotates through every section of the test. So you can take the class for one month or as many as you need!
Saturday’s 3:00-5:00pm, Mr. Talsania

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Chelsea Hall SAT Prep Course
Chelsea Hall is pleased to offer our SAT Prep tutoring Class. The course meets on Saturday’s from 3-5pm.  During each interactive lesson, the instructor will present concepts and testing strategies for the types of questions that will be on the four different sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math with and without a calculator. During the interactive lecture, students will follow along with their notebooks by taking notes and practicing the techniques explained and demonstrated. Guided practice is essential to reinforce the strategies presented and additional materials will be sent home for members to practice during the week.  Students will be given time at the next lesson to review or ask questions about the previous lesson before learning the new material for the week. Students can also come in any time Chelsea Hall is open to take practice tests!
**This course is for students that are fairly new to the SAT or scoring below 1280. If scoring above 1280, please sign up for the SAT Scholar Course on our website!