Jump In Juniors SAT VIRTUAL Prep Course, Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.

$375.00 on the 1st of each month

Thursdays: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Start anytime!!  Our course has been specifically designed to give our members all of the skills and strategies that he or she will need on test day.  In order to provide a personalized experience, class size is limited. Each month the course rotates through every section of the test. So you can take the class for one month or as many as you need! Class Materials Included.
In-Person option also available


First payment prorated. Next payment: February 1, 2021


Chelsea Hall Jump In Juniors SAT Prep Course
Chelsea Hall is pleased to offer our Jump In Juniors Virtual SAT Prep Class. This course offers 3 components designed to improve your SAT score before the upcoming March 3rd test. First, the diagnostic test. Come in during our business hours, or complete the test virtually. This test is the key, first step in the course. It allows us to focus the weekly prep course on the concepts you are needing to improve. After completing the test, a 30-minute consultation will be held to discuss your score, areas of improvement, your score goals and college application needs, along with other ideas you can do to improve your score. Then, the prep course. The course lasts 1 month, with classes held each Thursday at 6:00 pm. During each interactive lesson, the instructor will present concepts and testing strategies for the types of questions that will be in the different sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math with and without a calculator. Guided practice is essential to reinforce the strategies presented and additional materials will be sent home for members to practice during the week.

Looking for more? Check out our Full Test Prep Program that helps you with every step of the process up to the day you take your test with one-on-one counseling, guidance on deadlines, individual practice tests and feedback, cram session before the test, and more! https://www.chelseahall.com/product/test-prep-program/

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