ACT 5-Class In-Person Prep Course


5-week Prep Course for the ACT
+ 2 practice tests and instructor feedback.
Thursdays 6:00-7:00 p.m.  in-person depending on date with Mrs. Blakemore

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Chelsea Hall is pleased to offer our ACT Preparation Class!  Our course has been specifically designed to give our members all of the skills and strategies that he or she will need on test day.  Class size is limited to 4 students following all safety and social distancing guidelines. Masks required.

First Step! 
When you sign up we will send you a practice test to take at home and send back to Chelsea Hall before starting your course! It’s great to have a starting point! We will grade it and go over the scores with you. If you have already taken the ACT, you can simply provide your score but are welcome to take a practice test!

Class One (August 16th)
Thursday: English

Class Two
Thursday: Reading

Class Three
Thursday: Math

Class Four
Thursday: Science

Class Five
Thursday: Wrap up & Practice Test or Optional Writing


NEXT OFFICIAL ACT TEST DAYS:  September 12, October 24, December 12

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