SAT and ACT Tutoring Services


Chelsea Hall offers highly effective, affordable and flexible test prep courses to help our members prepare for the SAT and ACT test. Our test prep courses combine the critical components of test preparation that lead to high achievement on the tests: instructional lectures on the subject matter covered by the tests, extensive test practice, and productive test taking advice from our teachers and staff. Our philosophy is that students perform best on the SAT/ACT test when they are supported and encouraged in a collaborative environment with the help of knowledgeable instructors and extensive resources at their fingertips.


Each of our SAT/ACT test prep sessions includes the following:


  • An introductory session during which our members receive their study materials and listen to an overview of the test and strategies and skills necessary to perform well on the test, followed by a a full-length, timed test at Chelsea Hall to identify each member’s areas of strength and weakness.
  • Following the introductory classes, a follow-up meeting is scheduled with each member. Our instructors will review the practice test results with the member and give him/her clear guidance and recommendations on how to improve the areas of need by accessing the extensive written, interactive, and online test prep resources and instructional videos available to test takers today.
  • Every week members can come by Chelsea Hall at any time during our business hours (six days per week), as often as they wish, and take sections of SAT/ACT practice tests that are provided by Chelsea Hall staff members (with answer keys) or that they bring with them to Chelsea Hall from other test prep resources. Our members work on their individual areas need during the week, according to their own schedule, as often as they wish.
  • Each Sunday members will attend a group lecture during which our test prep tutors will lecture on a specific subjects covered by each section of the SAT/ACT test. During these study sessions, a Chelsea Hall instructor will lecture on the essential concepts that the member must know for the test and review how to answer typical test questions on the subject matter to help prepare our members for the specific section of the SAT/ACT test.