Founded in 2019, Chelsea Hall is an after-school academic learning center located at the corner of Southlake Boulevard and Players Circle (one block from Carroll Senior High).

Our mission is to provide an affordable and fun learning environment that enables each of our members to achieve his or her highest possible GPA in every class that he or she takes at Carroll High and Carroll Senior High.

Rather than try to meet the rigorous challenges of high school alone, our members reinforce their school learning within an academic support system that is more effective and about half the cost of one-on-one tutoring program. At Chelsea Hall, our members collaborate with their peers and learn their class material in our small Group Study Sessions taught each week by our energetic and experienced teachers, or they study individually or with friends in our Study Hall with the tutoring guidance and assistance of Carroll Senior High top students.

Monthly events are an essential part of the Chelsea Hall experience. These events are designed to help our members better navigate the college application and admission process with valuable tips from our expert lecturers, as well as excel in their academic experience at Carroll High and Carroll Senior High through shared experiences and advice from our student tutors, teachers, and staff members.

Our offerings include four separate services to our members: Group Study Sessions, Pop-Up Test Reviews, Study Hall, and SAT/ACT test prep.

Group Study Sessions

We structure affordable group study sessions with no more than 8 students who meet weekly with our Carroll ISD and other teachers throughout the academic year. 

Each study group contains only students who are enrolled in the same course at Carroll High or Carroll Senior High. We also offer math group study sessions for students at Carroll Middle School and Dawson Middle School. 

Our accredited teachers have a deep knowledge of the Carroll ISD curriculum and tailor each weekly session to the material specifically being taught in our students’ classes during that week in an effort to deliver the maximum beneficial impact on our students’ performance in class and on their quiz, test and exam grades. Our teachers provide the study materials each week. Our members only need to come, enjoy the company of their friends, and learn!

We understand that each student’s success depends on great teachers, so the Chelsea Hall team spends a tremendous amount of time identifying and hiring the very best teachers. Study groups are taught by teachers who have both exceptional teaching abilities and friendly, engaging personalities that have made them popular with their students over their many years of teaching. We care about our culture, and seek to build a community that is fun, supportive, and encouraging, as well as one that makes a large positive impact on each of our member’s class GPA.

Pop Up Test Reviews are special study sessions that are held to prepare students for a specific quiz, test, or exam being held in one of their classes typically on the following school day. 

In Pop Up Test Review Sessions, our Chelsea Hall teachers will explain and review the important concepts covered on the quiz or test to help you achieve your highest possible grade.

Pop Up Test Reviews are not limited in size and are available to all Carroll ISD students. Pop Up Test Reviews are added to the Chelsea Hall calendar each week when quiz, test or exam dates are announced in class.

Study Hall

For a monthly membership fee, our Study Hall members have access to Chelsea Hall’s new facility six days per week (Saturday – Thursday) to complete their homework assignments or study for quizzes, tests, and exams – individually or with friends – with the tutoring assistance and guidance of Carroll Senior High top students and other Chelsea Hall staff members.  Chelsea Hall’s space has high ceilings and loft-like aesthetic, and its glass conference room windows allow natural light into the Study Hall in order to create an comfortable place to work and collaborate.

It is at team effort to promote the success of our members at Chelsea Hall. Our goal that our student tutors, teachers and staff support and look after all of our members in addition to helping them with their homework assignments and test prep. Our student tutors share their own good and bad academic experiences in high school, offer encouragement, and give advice to our members on how best to to reach their academic goals at Carroll High and Carroll Senior High.